NTS Camp 2018 Theme

This summer we ask a question.  How does God move?

We will learn how and when God moves.  How we engage so we are moving with Him, and not against Him.  Learning to not only be led by the Spirit but to also keep in step with the Spirit, like Jesus did, especially as he began his ministry.   We will look at the example from the time of his baptism, through the 40 days in the wilderness, to his return back to civilization.  There is a time of knowing, a time of yielding, a time of waiting, a time of testing, and a time of going.  But no time for shortcuts.
The theme this year is Rhythm.
Timing is everything.

The concept behind it is God’s movement and timing.  Learning how and when God moves and how we respond and engage with His movement.  Learning to move with Him and not against Him.  God’s timing is everything.

The theme is centered around topography, because we will be going through the passage of Jesus’ time in the wilderness, starting with his baptism.  The rhythm piece will be broken down into the 5 days like so:

Night 1 | A time of Knowing | Luke 3:21-23 (Baptism)
God knows who you are, and therefore you know who you are.

Night 2 | A time of Yielding | Luke 4:1-4 (Bread)
A shortcut to selfish gain.  A time to yield to God’s will and trust God against our personal will.

Night 3 | A time of Waiting | Luke 4:5-8 (High Place)
A shortcut to purpose.  The temptation to have it now and not wait for God’s right time for what he already has planned for you.

Night 4 | A time of Testing | Luke 4:9-13 (Temple)
A shortcut to recognition.  Do we value God’s approval or man’s?

Night 5 | A time of Going | Luke 4:14-20 (Return to Galilee)
Going back to where you came from and doing what God is asking you to do.

This is not necessarily a linear way of how God moves, going from one aspect to the next, then repeat.  It is more of characteristics of God’s movement that we need to recognize and follow along in our lives, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in.  He wants to show us truths in these patterns.

Will you join us in this movement this summer?  Let’s move together.

© 2018, Never The Same