NTS Camp 2016 Review

God created the world to be a fabric woven together, and he invites us to be interwoven in relationships. Relationships with God, with each other, and with the world. To join what He is already doing. This summer we dove into the narrative of Joseph in Genesis, and how God’s story is threaded through his whole life, from dream to reality. God’s love was revealed over and over, and Joseph’s faithfulness was evident throughout the entire story, from slavery to authority.

NTS Camp is all about worship, creativity, strategy, fun, and life change.  And this year was exceptional.  Here’s what happened:

Approximately 2,900 students and 500 youth workers from all over the country gathered for 7 weeks at 5 different locations.

In the mornings we asked students to think about their future. Using our Future Tense 4 curriculum we asked students questions like:

“What is your mission in life?”
“Is God your master or are you?”
“What do you do with your money?”
“Are you going to get married? If so, what should we be doing now to prepare for these things?”

We asked big questions, presented real content and wow, the students responded.  At the end of the week, the students committed to 1 of the 4 year-long commitments:

  1. Mate – God commanded that it was not good for man to be alone. How I treat the people I am currently in relationship with affect my future relationship.  I will choose and commit to being open to God’s will with marriage and to faithfully pray for my future mate.img_8651-cr2
  2. Mission – We are commanded to put forth our best efforts, to work from our heart and soul at whatever we do. We are accountable to God and stewards of the gifts He has given us. Our work flows out of our gratefulness to Him.  I will choose and commit to faithfully work harder at my school or at my work.img_8493-cr2
  3. Money – My money comes from God, and where my money goes matters, we are called to tithe 10% of the resource amount I am entrusted with.  I will choose and commit to faithfully give a tenth of my income to God.
  4. Master – Our lives are meant to be in relationship with God and all areas of our lives are to be under his authority.  I will choose and commit ONE thing I know is not right in my life and faithfully surrender it to God.img_8653-cr2

In the evening sessions, we dove into the biblical themes and teaching about Joseph found in Genesis 37-45. Joseph’s story is about abandonment, slavery, work ethic, temptation, patience, authority, and relational restoration.  A powerful life journey with amazing lessons and insight about God and faithfulness.

We asked students during worship to make 2 decisions. One decision was an action, like forgive, thank, accept, give.  The other decision was a subject, like friend, family member, church, or God.  Students made a bracelet out of their two decisions. So they chose actions and subjects like forgiving a family member, or serve a friend, or accept Christ, or give to their church.  Whatever combination they chose it became a wearable bracelet, and then they discussed their bracelets in their small groups. Everything we do works to serve the small group relationships for real life change not just at camp, but when they go home too.  This was one example.

img_8207 img_4455
img_0795 img_0105wedevening-25

This summer:

518 students committed their life to Christ for the first time
1,831 chose to turn back, repent, and surrender their life to Christ again
51 students felt a call to vocational ministry.

This is why we do what we do.  To see lives be transformed by the presence of God. Another incredible year at camp, as God continues to amaze us with His presence.


Jayson Brewer
Director of Creative Design
Never The Same


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