How To Simplify Social Media Part 3

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Happy New Year!   The start of 2016 brings our social media calendar year to about a quarter done. That means at this point we should be able to evaluate what we’ve been doing and see if the plan we put in place and the content we created are engaging anyone. Evaluation is one of the hardest parts of any job. It means taking something that you’ve spent your time and energy to create and trying to look at it objectively. For a lot of us this step means bringing someone less invested in to give our strategies a once over. Others will be able to truly take a sober look at where they’re at. Whatever the case is for you, don’t miss this opportunity to get it right!

Evaluation is essential, but we’re actually here to talk about another important social media strategy: maintaining a presence. We talked before about being spontaneous and going off schedule with some posts so that things don’t get stale. That is a huge part of making sure your audience knows you are actually there. However, the most important thing you can do with your social media to keep your presence felt is to interact with your audience!

What does it mean to interact with an audience? It means that you check back on your posts, you see if people are talking about them, sharing them, etc. As your audience reacts to the content you offer, it’s your job to be there to interact with them!

If you post about how great an event was and people are commenting with stories of the night, jump in and affirm their comments. Like their responses. Reply. Share their stories. Let your audience know that you hear them.

As you interact, you will also be evaluating as you go. You will begin to see the types of posts that get the most action and the others that aren’t working as well. This helps you adjust and tweak your strategy as you go. If you just post and never go back to see how it’s doing, you could be losing followers and you would have no idea!

Social media is a great tool, but it takes time and attention. Hopefully the tools we’ve given you over these past three articles are helpful. Keep posting and let us know how it’s going on our Facebook page.

Kyle Wood
Director of Operations & Communications
Never The Same


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