In 2003 a movement began. A few students began to pray weekly at their school as a part of Claim Your Campus. That campus began to change. Since then Claim Your Campus has grown across the nation and is spreading. In the last 5 years we’ve presented CYC to over 250,000 students and trained over 10,000. We’ve been dreaming…what would happen if every school had students meeting for prayer every day? What would change?

Simply, everything!

And in a few weeks, something is about to revolutionize this student prayer movement.

As you know, mobile technology is changing the way that we live. We at Claim Your Campus are now harnessing some amazing tools that will help fulfill the dream of 1 million students united in prayer across the nation using the platform of smartphone technology.

Introducing the new mobile application for Claim Your Campus!


We have invested 2 years and over $50,000 dollars into this project.

This platform will unite, connect, sustain, and train hundreds of thousands of students. And it will do this while simultaneously teaching each individual student how to pray intimately. Through this mobile platform we are able to do four important things:

  • UNITE campuses across the nation.
  • CONNECT groups on their campuses.
  • SUSTAIN students within their group.
  • TRAIN students to pray.

And, do all of this while providing a personal voice for students to be able to share their story.

By providing daily content and structure, groups will stay focused and pray strategically, while learning about how to pray most effectively.

Prayer Strategies
CYC provides 4 specific prayer strategies, asking for:


Within these strategies, there are the top 20 issues affecting campuses across the nation. The app will help students to pray for things like healing from depression, justice against prejudice, that compassion would grow in the hearts of Christ followers, and for peace in students lives as a result of bullying.

More than ever, our nation needs a generation of young people who know how to PRAY! I’m asking you to join me in prayer this summer as we unveil this new platform across the United States at NTS Camp.

Allow me to be specific:

  1. Pray that God would help us clear the final hurdles to make the app fully functional.
  2. Ask that students’ hearts would be open to the opportunity of CYC when they hear about it at NTS Camp this summer.
  3. Believe with us and ask that we can reach our goal of $40,000 in offerings and gifts through NTS Camp to help grow CYC across the US.

I can’t wait to tell you more about how God is moving to have made all of this happen, and what things are in store for this incredible movement of God that is spreading across the nation! As a part of this app launch, we are also launching the #PrayerEqualsChangeProject, and you will not want to miss hearing about this as well.

Keep up with the latest on the app launch on social media through FaceBook, Twitter, and Instagram @claimyourcampus & @ntscamp.

Jeff Eckart, CEO
Never The Same


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