“I have been around camp ministry for over 55 years in various capacities. In all those years, I have never seen a camp that has the long-lasting impact that NTS Camp has on students. Many years later, even, I see the life-long impact that it has in students’ lives and in the life of our church.” – Steve Andrews – Founding Pastor of Kensington Church Detroit, MI

NTS Camps exist to see transformation in the lives of middle school and high school students in a corporate setting. This week long experience sets the table for students to meet with God, and creates space for youth workers to simply live life with their students. Our philosophy is that camp is just the beginning of spiritual growth within a youth ministry. NTS is a catalyst and a support structure for the local church throughout the year.

Indiana 1

Indiana Wesleyan University


Indiana 2

Indiana Wesleyan University


Great Plains

Dordt College


New York

Houghton College


Indiana 3

Taylor University


South Carolina 1

Southern Wesleyan University



Oklahoma Wesleyan University


South Carolina 2

Southern Wesleyan University


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“CYC is the most effective prayer initiative that is available to students.  The software/app and content has made starting a student led prayer group simple for any student.  Schools are being changed through CYC and I have seen it firsthand.”– Derik Idol, Student Ministries Pastor, 12Stone Church, Atlanta, GA

Claim Your Campus’s mission is to unite 1 million students (15 students per campus) in prayer on every MS & HS campus in America. It is a student-led, adult-encouraged prayer movement. Within its first 7 years, CYC is active in 40+ states with thousands of students and continuing to grow.

Using the CYC mobile app streamlines students’ experience from registration to prayer day.  The app organizes the campus by allowing students to see what groups are already meeting on their campus and what days of the week still need a group.  The app also trains students to pray by leading them through Jesus’s teachings on prayer each day.  The CYC Mobile App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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“There are a lot of resources that get students reading the Bible, but there aren’t a lot of great resources that teach students how to read the Bible. Woven throughout Soul Exercises are some really great principles about how to study Scripture, explained with cool visuals really simply and creatively. Like how we need to always keep what we read in context. Or how we need to examine God’s Word with both a “telescope” and a “microscope.””– Elle Campbell, Stuff You Can Use || Atlanta, GA

Soul Exercises is a proven Bible engagement system that integrates personal Bible engagement, spiritual disciplines, small group environments, and if applicable, larger group settings.

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